Jan 26, 2013

0 How Google crawl blog or website pages

Google crawl index crawling pages on web

As a webmaster do you eager to know that how Google crawl blog or website pages. No need to use any technical skills or coding to make the Google or other SEO to crawl the page. Just use few simple steps to crawl as given by search engine like Google or Bing.

First step choose the perfect keywords and use it as page title, the title should be related to your article. Take this page title as an example How Google or SEO crawl the blog or website pages, the related keywords are google crawl pages, SEO crawl page or how search engine crawling the pages.  Phrase the title not more than 10 words. These examples may help you to select effective page title for an article.

Second step use the page title for page link, it may provide easy way to spider to crawl the pages on web. Example

Third step is use the page title keywords in description with in first three lines. It will boost your page in search engines at the time crawling. But don't use the keywords frequent repeat, the search engine may have chance to consider as duplicate content.

Follow these simple steps, your web or blog page will be index front position in SEO. These will make your page SEO friendly.


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